Cheap Travel Insurance With Medical Conditions Waiver


Travel Insurance With Medical Conditions Waiver

Its really important that if you are taking out travel insurance that you tell your insurance company if you need to include a medical condition in order that they can note the disclose of the medical condition waiver on the schedule.

The insurance company may need to add an extra premium to the policy to cover the medical condition waiver fully as the disclosure of the medical condition could make you slightly more likely to claim than a person who does not need a medical condition waiver.

Shop Around!

The trick to getting a competitive quote for your travel insurance with a medical condition waiver it to shop around, find a company that uses a panel of underwriters and especially steer clear of your bank or travel agent who will probably only have one underwriter to choose from and aren’t likely to be specialists in this area.

Do You Need Cancelation Cover? Check what’s in and out of the cover you buy as if you can strip out cancellation cover this could save you cash. For example if you are visiting relatives or a holiday home you own then provided you book the right type of airline ticket that can be refunded if necessary then you may not need cancelation cover.

Do You Need Baggage Cover?

In the same way, are you just taking hand luggage as if you are could you do without having to insure your luggage?

Sometimes removing these extras can be a false economy as they don’t effect the premium that much overall and of course if you end up needing to make a claim it could prove a costly omission.